The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
Immanuel Kant

Like humans animals also feel joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness.
Charles Darwin

All beings that feel pain deserve human rights.
Richard Ryder

But !

We use hormones and inappropriate food and feeding methods for animals in order to make a quick and large profit.

We consume milk of a cow who never gets a chance to see and feed her own calf.

We eat eggs from a hen who has to live her whole life only for laying eggs.

We give unnecessary pain to animals because of our religious believes.

We force animals for artificial pregnancy.

We do genetic manipulation on animals and let humans consume those products.

We have reduced animals to nothing but a tool for experiments and research.

We do not believe that animals also feel pain.

We do not accept that animals have emotions and also love their young.

Because we are stronger and more intelligent than animals that does not mean that we should abuse and kill animals. Human intelligence has its responsibility! If we use our capacity for wrong and immoral acts then one day our intelligence will be the cause of our extinction. Because we abuse animals (including humans) and we consume their unhappy and unhealthy products so we have so many unresolved problems like war, epidemic, tsunami, flood, earthquakes, cancers, genetic disorders, sexual perversion, immoral human behaviours, depression diseases, diabetes among young, obesity, serial killers, different kinds of allergic diseases, youth crime and so many.

We have to change our attitude towards animals to find the causes of most of human sufferings. It is time to give a right definition to human and animal relations. We have to understand that animals are our co-existing partner. They have an equal right to exist on this planet like we humans.

Animal farming destroys nature and exhausts resources. It also violates all levels of human ethical values. We grow up billions of animals and birds who never touched and felt their parents. Then we kill and consume them like tomatoes and potatoes. These are living beings! They feel love and pain like we all ! This is disrespect to a life! Our lives will never get dignified till we continue such behaviour. We have no right at all to hurt and destroy any life if they do not really hurt us.

Now it is time to raise our voice against wrong human attitude towards animals! Now it is time to raise our voice for those who cannot speak our language but suffer equally! Now it is time to raise our voice for those who do not harm us but we harm them without limit! It is high time to raise our voice for those who do not vote for government elections but need our justice as well! It is a real time for we humans to behave like god and protect the dignity of innocent animals and save them from suffering!
The dignity of animals is inviolable!
Vegan India is a world wide platform of practical protest against cruelty done to innocent animals. We give lectures ( in English, German and French) on animals rights and their importance for our existence and well being. Besides that we also offer Vegan food, in Indian style, as an alternative food free from animal suffering. We need your support ! Thank you !